Is It Hard to Lose Weight After 40?

Is It Hard to Lose Weight After 40?

It's normal to gain weight as you age, but harder to lose weight once you hit 40. Albeit you lose weight, it's even harder to maintain it for long. Even people with a best-toned body find it hard to stay similar once they are 40.

There are several factors that may contribute to slower pace of weight loss like hormonal factors, loss of muscle mass, medical issues, hereditary factors etc. Though, it may be hard to lose weight, but not impossible.

Muscles of the body burns more calories than the body fat. With age, when muscle mass is lost, it slows down your metabolism and makes it difficult to shed that extra kilos.

Leptin, a hormone, is made up by the fat cells of the body. Satiety factor is regulated by leptin. Overweight people develop a resistance against this hormone. Some people lose weight easily with simple modification in their lifestyle, change in diet and exercise, but some are not that fortunate.

If truth be told, 30-40 percent of people regain their lost weight within one year of losing it. Weight gain during the 40s may be a precursor to issues like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, PCOD, arthritis and other health conditions.

As you age, fat tissues start to accumulate around the middle part of your body. Grownups are subject to have one-third more fat deposition than young adults. Women, especially during menopause, tend to gain weight because of decreased levels of estrogen.

Still, even with a healthy diet and exercise, the hormonal changes impact weight during middle age. According to the American Council on Exercise, due to slow metabolism during midlife you tend to lose less than 300 calories per day than you did in your 20s.

The golden rules of weight loss

Healthy lifestyle always tops the list of rules for a good health and wellbeing. Other than that, what you need to know is the reason to lose weight. Ask yourself, why do you want to lose weight? The clarity of the reason makes it easier to start the journey.

Golden rule #1: Cut back on portions. Diet control is the first step if you need to make your weighing scale point towards the left. Even if you eat a healthy diet, without portion control its almost impossible to hit the goal.

Golden rule #2: Stay hydrated. Water aids in keeping the body hydrated as well as maintains the satiety level. Ill-timed snacking may be to a greater extent limited by regular intake of water.

Golden rule #3: Avoid skipping meals. Skipping meals muddles with metabolism. It may tend to disarray your blood sugar level. Skipping a meal may result in binge eating or snacking on a high calorie diet.

Golden rule 4#: Aim to lose a fixed weight per week. A slow and steady weight loss is more long lasting than sudden weight loss achieved through crash and fad dieting. The drop-a-dress size may be tempting, but a gradual weight loss is sustainable and helps you in maintaining a healthy weight for long.

Following these golden rules will surely help you lose weight gradually, but if nothing is working, then consider trying a slimming oil.

Slimming Oil and Weight loss

Slimming oil helps in reducing weight if used regularly on the areas of fat deposition. When it is massaged on the skin, the potent ingredients present in the oil penetrates deep down into the area of fat deposition, boosts metabolism, cellular energy and enhances cellular regeneration.

Slimming Oil aids in burning fat, diminishes stretch marks, tightens the skin and helps remove toxins accumulated in the body.

Try TSO (Tribal Slimming Oil)! It stimulates fat cells and aids in process of fat loss. It is an instant fat burner oil that gives result instantly. Tribal slimming oil is completely organic and safe way to lose the extra fat in your body.


Being 40 doesn't mean you can't lose weight anymore. Keep in mind that what works best for one may not work for the other. The weight loss strategies keep on changing down the road. If one strategy hits the wall, consider switching to the next until you reach your ultimate goal.

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